Larissa, Flackwell Heath

"I really feel that everything I learnt in your classes helped so much. Being able to keep the connection between my breath and movements through each contraction helped so much, I found that I was able to keep control and that I naturally went into some of the positions / movements that we did in class. I think it was the best preparation I could have had!! So thank you!!!"

Sasha, Stokenchurch

"Jennie is fantastic, warm and kind. The yoga classes have really helped with the aches and pains from pregnancy, breathing techniques in preparation for birth and relaxation. I walk out of there feeling totally calm and relaxed. It’s a great way to meet other pregnant ladies and share stories and experiences. So glad I discovered this early on and look forward to the mummy and baby yoga".

Julie, Burnham 
"Thank you Jennie for the fantastic pregnancy yoga classes, it was lovely to have some relaxing 'me time' every week and feel prepared and positive about labour. The breathing techniques and positions learnt in class enabled me to birth both my boys (2012 and 2018) drug free in the birthing pool and contributed to a wonderful experience"

Annabel, Burnham

I managed to have to the homebirth that I wanted and it was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for it all to go any more smoothly.   I relied solely on my breathing techniques and can now say that I know exactly what people mean when they say they ‘breathed the baby out’.  I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your wonderful yoga classes and especially the hypnobirthing workshop which I found to be invaluable and used many of the techniques and exercises in my labour.  All in all an amazing experience!

Zoe, Marlow 

Jennie is a fantastic teacher and makes you feel completely at ease, whether you have done yoga before or not and I would highly recommend. Her classes help maintain mobility and ease tension through the different stages of pregnancy and also focus on how you can incorporate yoga postures and breathing techniques into labour.  This was invaluable during my own labour in helping me to stay calm and focused. 

Vanessa, Eton

"I can honestly say it's made a big impact! The techniques Jen taught during her pregnancy yoga classes in Burnham were the one thing I drew on that helped me to have a quick, easy & very positive birth  The postnatal classes have been brilliant to help rebuild my pelvic floor & core strength, and also have a lovely bonding time with my baby. I still sing the songs to her & do some baby yoga & she loves it".

Harriet, Cookham

"I have loved Jennie’s pregnancy yoga classes.  The techniques are easy to follow and she explains everything we do in detail and why it would benefit in labour and in every day life.  I learnt how to breath calmly during contractions and managed most of the first stages of labour at home.  My midwife said how great my breathing was and I really feel happy with my second birth and how I coped with it. Big thanks to Jennie as her calming techniques and knowledge on how to cope with labour really helped me."

Claire, Marlow

"I attended Jennie's pregnancy yoga classes in Marlow for all 3 of my pregnancies. The skills I learnt equipped me with the techniques needed for 3 wonderful labour experiences- all without pain relief or fear, and instead experiences filled with calm, excitement and reassured control. I am so grateful to Jennie and highly recommend her classes and hypno-birthing techniques". 

Charmian, High Wycombe

"I'm so glad I attended the Hypno-yoga birth preparation workshop! I had been a little nervous of labour and birth this, my second (1st baby was a slightly tricky birth), time around but Jen's knowledge, advice and techniques put me at ease making me feel confident that I could do this!  I used the breathing techniques Jen taught us for  the different stages.  Jen also explained the importance of the pelvic floor strength which was extremely helpful. When baby came, the midwife was quite impressed with my breathing and more or less watched rather than intervened whilst I gave birth to my baby girl confidently and calmly"!

Claire, Slough

"Your classes were so wonderful and helped me through really though times both physically and mentally. A group of us who met at the pregnancy class still get together"! 

Emma, Marlow

"I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the tools both yoga and the hypo-birthing workshop gave me. In the end I relied heavily on breathing skills, which enabled me to have a natural and incredible birthing experience".

Lucy, Marlow

"I would heartily recommend Jennie's pregnancy yoga classes and hypno-yoga workshop. She has a very structured and clear approach to providing tools and techniques to help you prepare for the labour and birth of your baby.  I fould the sessions informative, supportive and frankly empowering.  It certainly made me more confident abotu the birth and i used many of the techniques in labour"

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Sian, Bourne End

"When I went in to active labour with my third child, I began working through the variety of yoga positions that Jennie had been teaching throughout her wonderful pregnancy yoga classes. I found that wide stretches were most helpful to begin with and allowed me to focus and calm my breathing, followed by restful poses in between contractions. For the pushing stage i felt control  and used my breath effectively. Ollie was born on 3rd October 2018 at 1.21am after 4 hours of labour. He arrived safely with the care of wonderful midwives and was ready to feed quickly. I was delighted to have another natural happy birth helped by the tools learnt and yoga practice with Jennie."

Suzy, Burnham 

"I would highly recommend both pregnancy yoga and the hypno-birthing workshop with Jennie. The weekly yoga session was really helpful to have some 'me time' and prepare both physically and mentally for my babies birth. It helped me feel calmer and better prepared for labour.  During labour, I was able to use the breathing techniques without even thinking about them  and the midwife even commented on how calm I was. "

Katie, Maidenhead

"Jennie strikes a great balance between yoga routines that are genuinely good for postnatal recovery and cute yoga that’s nice for bonding with your baby. Highly recommend".

Sensi, Flackwell Heath

"Thanks so much for your amazing classes and birth preparation workshop. My labour was wonderful! I feel like I had complete control, I stayed on my feet throughout which I'm certain really helped with my speedy progression and after just over three hours ‘he flew out’ literally!!! My poor midwife barely had chance to get gloves out".

Mina, Marlow

"The labour and birth were really smooth and I used a lot of the movements from your yoga class to get through the first stage of labour. Golden thread breathing kept me calm and centred so the midwives didn’t realise how far along I was in labour! Third time around, I finally got to have the birth I had hoped for. Thank you!"

Alice, Maidenhead

"I’m really enjoying Jennie’s mummy and baby yoga in Marlow. Jennie makes everyone feel really welcome and relaxed, and cuddles the babies if they cry (sometimes two at a time!). She involves the babies in all the moves and they love it. I’d really recommend it".

Louise, Slough 

"Really lovely class - gave me the confidence to get going again after having my first baby. Excellent first step to prepare for starting exercise and yoga again".

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