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I first discovered yoga in the mid 90’s while travelling in India with my boyfriend, (now husband), Jeff.  Initially I was reluctant but the more I practiced, the more I began to feel the physical and mental benefits: what started as a weekly yoga class became a daily yoga and meditation practice.
Over the years I have studied with many inspiring and experienced yoga teachers who have deeply influenced how I teach. When I first did my Pregnancy yoga training, I hoped to soon be pregnant and just thought it would be a lovely thing to do during the pregnancy. Little did I know it would become the main focus of my career and my speciality.
I love how yoga makes me feel.  It’s been hugely transformative and supportive to me over the past 20 years and I passionately believe in all its value. I feel so grateful that I can share the many benefits and help make a real difference to women’s pregnancies, births and postnatal recovery.
I have been teaching Pregnancy yoga and Postnatal yoga since 2005, and locally in Marlow and Burnham, South Bucks for over 10 years. I am now getting women coming back with their third babies for their third round of classes so i can happily say they are finding the yoga beneficial.

"Thank you so much for helping me feel so well prepared.  I felt very empowered knowing how best to position my body and how to use my breath". 

When I am not teaching  yoga, I am running around after my two kids, walking the dog and managing Phenix Retreats, a yoga retreat company which I run with my husband Jeff, also a yoga teacher.
If you are looking for regular yoga classes or workshops in London or South Bucks with a highly experienced, very knowledgable teacher, or want to check out our retreats, see Jeff's website below.

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If you are looking for yoga classes in London, Bucks and Berks, or UK and International retreats and workshops with Jeff Phenix


With Thanks 
To our first yoga teacher, Nirlipta Tuli, who showed us from the start that yoga was primarily a spiritual rather than a physical practice. And to all the other teachers who have influenced me, especially Simon Low, Rod Stryker, Tias Little and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli for inspiring me to want to work in this field. 

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My Students Say...

Mina, Marlow

"The labour and birth went really smoothly and I used a lot of the movements from your yoga class to get through the first stage of labour. Golden thread breathing kept me calm and centred so the midwives didn’t realise how far along I was in labour! Third time around, I finally got to have the birth I had hoped for. Thank you!"

Suzy, Burnham 

"I would highly recommend both Pregnancy yoga and the Hypno-birthing workshop with Jennie. The weekly yoga session was really helpful to have some 'me time' and prepare both physically and mentally for my babies birth. It helped me feel calmer and better prepared for labour.  During labour, I was able to use the breathing techniques without even thinking about them  and the midwife even commented on how calm I was. "

Alice, Maidenhead

"I’m really enjoying Jennie’s mummy and baby yoga in Marlow. Jennie makes everyone feel really welcome and relaxed, and cuddles the babies if they cry (sometimes two at a time!). She involves the babies in all the moves and they love it. I’d really recommend it".



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