Energetic Heart-Womb Meditation for Pregnancy

In all women there is an energetic connection between the Heart and the womb, which is both practical and mysterious.  It affects our overall wellbeing, menstrual cycles, sexuality, birthing and beyond.  
The womb is the feminine centre and great source of creativity, not just in physically creating life and growing babies but also the birthing of ideas and powerful energetic transformation. The later is true whether you have a physical womb or not, whatever your gender or whether you are still menstruating, well past menopause or somewhere in between.
The heart is the centre of love and compassion and ancient medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine believe there is an energetic connection between the heart and the womb.  This connection regulates the opening and closing of the uterus during ovulation, menstruation birth and tapping into this energetic connection can help to ease emotional stress and have a deeply healing effect.
“By greeting the womb with love we not only reconnect to the Shakti or life power in the womb or womb space, but also revive the loving energies of the heart by bringing them into conscious connection with the nourishing potential of the womb space energies.”  
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
During pregnancy this energetic heart-womb connection becomes so much stronger, more tangible and opens up an emotional link between mother and baby, allowing for emotional communication in Utero.  You are physically creating life in your womb and  the potential for love that you hold in your heart for your unborn child is boundless.  
I love to share the following Heart –Womb meditation with my pregnant students.  It is a great technique when life gets very hectic and overwhelming and the lengthening of the exhale is natures natural antidote to pain and tension.  This breathing  practice is a wonderful way for expectant mothers to bond with their babies, take time to breath for two and share the love  within their heart with their baby in the womb and receive their babies and the wombs energy back up to the heart.  It really helps women to connect with their baby and build and strength the bond that they have with their unborn child until the time is right for their baby to make their way out on to the world and into their arms for the first time.
I hope you enjoy....
About the author….
Jennie Phenix is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mum of 2 and has been specialising in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and hypnobirthing since 2005.  She teaches regular weekly classes and workshops in South Bucks, UK.
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