Private Classes & Small Group Sessions

private-classes-1Yoga is a practice that helps to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit and traditionally it was taught on a one to one basis.

Working one on one with an experienced teacher is extremely helpful in developing and deepening ones understanding of Yoga. Taking into account the individual’s goals, needs and abilities – a specific Yoga practice can be designed. While developing a suitable practice, consideration will be given to any injuries or illnesses, whether you are looking to build strength, increase flexibility, heal an injury, improve your health or develop your spirituality – all of which can be properly addressed within a private lesson.  As a result a private session could be very dynamic or very restorative depending on what is required and appropriate.


All can benefit from private sessions;  from the very beginner as a way of gaining a good basic understanding and learning proper alignment before joining general classes or for more experienced students as a way of safely learning more advanced postures, breathing exercises or meditations.  It is also a beneficial way of working with injuries by learning to modify certain poses and working with others to allow healing to begin.

It also works very well getting together a small group of friends which creates a relaxed, friendly, supportive and fun environment to practice and develop together.

Jeff and Jennie Phenix are both experienced  at working privately with students to develop a suitable personalised practice, which will ultimately help them to deepen their understanding and experience of yoga. Private yoga sessions are available in Berkshire (Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough), Buckinghamshire (Amersham, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe, Marlow, Burnham, Chalfonts) and Henley in Oxfordshire.

 Please contact Jeff or Jennie if you wish to make an appointment or discuss private tuition in more depth.

I started practising yoga and meditation with Jennie and laterly Jeff after a period of pretty extreme personal and work related stress some 4 years ago.Its fair to say I was not feeling great at the time and although doubtful of a holistic approach at first, under their gentle guidance and thorough teaching skills I learnt that yoga could help me relax, bring a clearer awareness to a situation and generally become healthier.  Their encouragement helped me to develop my own yoga practice which continues to bring benefits in terms of stress management and general health and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.” James, London