Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy-yoga-1Pregnancy can be a challenging time, both physically and emotionally. Yoga, helps to ease aches and pains, soothes anxieties and stresses and helps relieve common pregnancy ailments such as heart burn, lower back pain, breathlessness, cramps and insomnia. It creates suppleness and strength in a safe way while being calming and relaxing. Specific breathing practices help to boost energy levels, calm nervousness and develop an awareness of the breath which becomes an invaluable tool during labour. quote-jodonohueBy combining a gentle yet dynamic flowing practice with restorative poses you will leave Jennie’s pregnancy classes feeling physically and emotionally stronger, more positive, energised and relaxed. Classes are suitable from 13 weeks onwards once you have had your scan.

From personal experience Jennie has found that yoga kept her mentally calm and physically comfortable during her pregnancies and prepared her physically and emotionally to give birth calmly with self belief and confidence. Jennie practiced yoga with leading pregnancy guru Dr Francoise Freedman during both her pregnancies and is certified to teach Pregnancy Yoga through the Life Centre with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli of Sitaram.

Paid time off work for pregnancy yoga classes

Women in full time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes, which are covered by the category ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parentcraft classes’.   For further details of the legal obligation of employers to pregnant workers, please see

Ongoing pregnancy yoga classes in Marlow and Burnham, Buckinghamshire.   Please contact Jennie for more details, book a place or if you would like to arrange a one on one or small group session.

“I wanted to tell you that on Tuesday i had the best day of my pregnancy so far. I felt so energetic and confident which is something i hadn’t felt since i can remember. I’m sure that most of this is down to the yoga as it just made me feel so good.” Harjit, Burnham

Charlie arrived at 04:09 on sat morning, all 8lb 10 of him.  What a whopper. I was in established labour 8 & a half hours, used the birthing pool & gas & air which was fab.  The midwives were very complimentary about my breathing technique (all thanks to you), and they couldn’t believe I didn’t graze or tear - they said I had a perineum like lycra (again, thanks to your pelvic floor muscle exercises…)” Caroline, Marlow

I attended weekly yoga sessions with Jennie throughout my pregnancy in 2008.  Jennie’s approach is empathetic, lighthearted and fun, and her classes were slightly different each week, which I found really refreshing.  The level was accessible to everyone, from seasoned yogi to complete beginner, and the final relaxation always deeply relaxing.  Highly recommended!” Ali, London